Loader Monitoring

KEY MONLOAD,#MONLOAD,MONITORING,#LQUIET #MONLOAD is a command used to control the amount of loader diagnostic information generated during loading operations. The command takes two parameters. The first is a bit significant integer value, and the second is the name of a file to which monitoring information is to be sent. Currently the lowest 5 bits of the first parameter are meaningful:
2**0 - requests minimal loading information and some important but non-critical warnings. 2**1 - requests information on object files which are being loaded and unloaded. Also information on the location and layout of areas in loaded files, and the module source language. 2**2 - requests information on names and locations of code and data entry points as they are loaded. Also information on common areas set up by the loader. 2**3 - requests information from the loader search module on which entry points are being sought, which directories are being searched, how aliases are handled, etc. 2**4 - requests information on which unsatisfied references are being made dynamic when LOADPARM(MIN) is set.
If the second, output, parameter is not specified then diagnostic information will appear on the output terminal (or job journal in the case of a batch job), otherwise the parameter should specify an own filename which will be created if it does not exist or overwritten if it does. In this second case, loader monitoring will go directly into the file. Should the file be filled and incapable of further extension then the monitoring will switch automatically to the terminal.
In using #MONLOAD it is generally better to use integer parameters such as 1,3,7,15,31, which have successively more bits set, rather than values such as 2,4,8,16 in which only one bit is set. This is because some information given by higher bits amplifies or expands that given at lower bit setting and the information is no longer seen in context. Note that #MONLOAD(-1) will generate all possible monitoring. Loader diagnostic monitoring settings will remain in force until another call on #MONLOAD. #MONLOAD(0) or #N will turn off monitoring. Failure messages and some critical warnings are always generated regardless of the #MONLOAD settings. #MONLOAD ? will give the current MONLOAD setting and, if output is being sent to a file, say how much has been written.

Suppressing loader warning messages - #LQUIET

KEY The command #LQUIET will switch off all loader warning messages. This facility is useful if you are PRELOADing files which have a large number of references which have to be made dynamic. In normal circumstances each reference will generate a warning message that its status has changed, and this can generate a lot of non significant warnings. You should only ever use the #LQUIET facility sparingly and in well understood loading situations. #LQUIET is cancelled by a call on #N.