skimp.gram is the grammar for DJR's original Skimp, as handed over to
CS3 for them to develop in various ways on the compiler project.  It was
retyped for this project from the manual.  Then much later we found
a complete set of skimp sources on the EMAS archive CDs which are
included here.

skimpais.txt  Skimp assembler/interpreter

skimps.txt    Main control loop
skimpas.txt   Read phrase structure
skimpbs.txt   Analyse Statement
skimpcs.txt   Subroutines use by STATEMENT
skimpds.txt        "
skimpes.txt        "

skimpps.txt   Grammar

iskimpps.txt  Skimp grammar for Interdata (regular Skimp + machine code)
iskimps.txt   Interdata Skimp cross-compiler (EMAS Imp source)

Also a scan of the Skimp MkII manual is online here:

My own skimp project was to add more control constructs, plus a code
generator for the 6809 Micro Kits; I'm trying to find it and put it
online here; Andy Davis added strings, records and other extensions,
and recently has written a code generator for Skimp for the 8086 series
to use as a bootstrap for a new X86 Imp77 compiler.  I'm trying to persuade
him to release the source code so people can learn from it, although
because he sees the Skimp as a stop-gap he would rather only release
the finished Imp77 sources. Andy's Skimp is a rewrite in C and you
can read the details here:

If you actually want to run a working Skimp, you can download a
DOS executable from Andy's site.  (Can the hackers among you find
the useful undocumented command line switches?!)

In I have a Skimp to C
translator which I wrote recently as a way of experimenting with
the Skimp grammar above, and to prototype some ideas for a full Imp to C
translator.  (This was before Peter Stephens offered us his Imp80
to C translator in ../imp80/ )  Actually I'm currently working on
an Imp77 to C translator as well; it's progressing quite well
(in ../imp77/gtoal/ ).    

- Graham Toal
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