> This is Peter Robertson's Imp77 compiler for Vax/VMS, released
> with his explicit permission.   This copy was supplied by J Gordon Hughes
> and his comments from the accompanying emails are given below.

I have given you a .tar and a .bck as the .tar
will be easier for most people to look at the contents,
but if you want to get the jobdeck libraries in the
correct format for VMS it is probably best to use the
.BCK file (a VMS Backup Saveset).

The file LLGO.COM has been annotated with everthing
that you need to run the compiler.   After you have
sorted out the defintions in the LLGO file you just
need to say @llgo to make the command available.

> can it be installed by an ordinary user?

You will need to remove the /system qualifiers from the logical name
definitions, enable the SET COMMAND line, and the library defintions.
It should all work fine from an ordinary user.

You will need to set the block length of the VMS saveset to be
32256 bytes long.  I can't remember the raw VMS commands to do
this as we have an imp program to sort this out!

> Is this what should be in the tar file?  (it gave an error at the
> end and I was afraid there might be some missing?)
> .              ebcdic.inc    ll.hlb         numbers.inc    statedef.inc
> ..             enumbers.inc  llap.inc       objdef.inc     streams.inc
> archaisms.inc  flags.inc     llap.olb       pcbdef.inc     super.inc
> ascii.inc      formats.inc   llgo.com       pgnumbers.inc  symbols.inc
> ast.inc        gattlib.olb   lllshr.exe     phddef.inc     sysio.inc
> buffers.inc    handcall.inc  lllshr.olb     prdef.inc      sysmisc.inc
> climsg.inc     heap.inc      lognames.inc   prims.inc      textutils.inc
> cliparse.inc   hlpdef.inc    mailboxes.inc  processes.inc  time.inc
> condition.inc  hoops.inc     maths.inc      psidef.inc     ttdef.inc
> connect.inc    impv10.olb    mcode.inc      rms.inc        uaf.inc
> contents.lis   impvax.exe    memoryman.inc  rmsdef.inc     userlib.exe
> corediag.inc   iodef.inc     msgdef.inc     section.inc    wsldef.inc
> dcdef.inc      jpidef.inc    mtdef.inc      sfdef.inc
> devdef.inc     libdef.inc    mtdefs.inc     shrmsg.inc
> dscdef.inc     ll.cld        mthdef.inc     smrdef.inc
> dvidef.inc     ll.com        newio.olb      ssdef.inc

It looks OK.  All the .inc are include files, the impvax.exe is the
compiler, and the .olb are the object libraries.  llgo.com defines
the environment.

By the way, the compiler dates from Sept 1986 for interest.
It is version 10.2 of the Lattice Imp compilers.
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